Teaching Yoga To Families In China

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Bobby Clennell Reports On Her Mall Adventure

Senior Iyengar Teacher Bobby Clennell was invited by the Iyengar Yoga Institute of China to come teach for a second time last year. Because of her books, The Woman’s Yoga Book: Asana and Pranayama for All Phases of the Menstrual Cycle and Watch Me Do Yoga, which is for children, she was scheduled to teach both groups.

The Chinese ignored her pleas that she was not an expert in children’s yoga. YogaCity NYC's Joelle Hann found out about the fun solutions she came up with to solve this nteresting dilemma as she taught her eager students in shopping malls and other places.

Joelle Hann : When did know you were going to be asked to teach kids yoga?

Bobby Clennell: We always work out the topics ahead of time, so I knew they wanted me to teach children. I said I don’t do that. But they decided I was going to do that. Then it took on a life of its own. They start adding things. They said, “Actually, we’re going to do children and parents.” I said, no, but they have a way of gently persuading you… And it turned out to be amazing and such a good idea.

They love children in China but getting children to achieve is big in China. There’s a lot of pressure on young people. So this class was a way for parents to have a good time with their kids. Just spend time together.

JH: But that wasn’t the main point of your trip?

BC: I was really going to teach women’s workshops in three cities Beijing, Hungzhou, Guangzhou. They were all gong to be 3-day w