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New Studio Opening!!!

SYNCStudio: BringingThe Trifecta To Williamsburg

Though the L train makes its first stop in the northern part of town, South Williamsburg is becoming a popular location for cool shops, restaurants and fitness fanatics. Boutique fitness studios rival artisanal food stops in number per neighborhood, making it a need-to-visit borough for all things soul-satisfying.

One such boutique studio opened its New York Doors in April 2013 after recognizing a need for the services they offer. SYNCSTUDIO, located at 133 S 2nd St. between Bedford and Berry offers clients three distinct classes that cater to any fitness need: SYNC Cycling, and SYNC Yoga. Karla Misjan, a manager at the studio and yoga teacher at the studio spoke about the vision behind it. “At SYNCStudio, we believe in thetrifecta: Cycling + Yoga + Training. They are absolutely complimentary! Some students find one or two categories and stick to them but many explore all of our offerings.” Besides the three types of classes, students can also access SYNCWellness, which is a program that works with individuals to design tailored nutrition plans.

SYNCSTUDIO was born and bred in Durham, N.C. When looking to expand the business to a new location, Williamsburg seemed like a natural choice. “Williamsburg was handpicked for the picked for the community: the pride, dedication to small businesses and creativity of the neighborhood. It is exactly where we wanted to land and couldn’t be happier to be exactly where we are,” says Karla.

Like many studios in the city, making the most out of the space is an art in itself. Though its square footage can rightfully be advertised as “cozy”, SYNCSTUDIO does well to create a warm and inviting environment as soon as one walks in the door. The decor of the studio was developed by Brooklyn Reclamation, as a means to support local businesses. Greeted by a friendly face at the front desk, students that come for SYNCYoga or Interval Circuit training or TRX workouts are directed into the main studio. The space is equipped with hooks running up and down the walls for the TRX equipment used in the strength training classes which combine high intensity training movements with controlled weight training. Next to the resistance bands and hand weights are stacks of yoga mats, blocks, blankets, bolsters and all the accouterments a yogi could ever want. Said Karla of the yoga/circuit training space, “We find beauty in simplicity, so the studio is just that. A serene, light space to focus, practice and play.”

Sync barbells.jpg

While the upper studio provides the Yin, the studio down below where the SYNCCYCLING takes place provides a dose of Yang. The club-like atmosphere is reminiscent of spin big wigs Soul-Cycle aesthetic and ambience, and a bright neon sign on the wall reading “BASSMENT” clues students in for the loud and fast-paced workout to come.

SYNCSTUDIO believe passionately in yogis exploring other means of fitness as a compliment to their habitual practice. “The beauty of cross-training is that you can learn to protect your body. Some individuals are born with super mobile and flexible bodies - they need to learn strength. Other bodies are born with naturally tighter muscles. Those individuals can benefit greatly from stretching and lengthening muscles through a yoga practice...I’d be lying if I said that our TRX classes won’t make your chaturanga a little bit easier!”

The big question that one faces when looking for a place to workout is “which one and why?” With so many choices as to studios and types of classes, the decision making process can prove to be overwhelming. SYNC sets itself apart with its combination of intense workouts with inclusivity, meaning they strive to create a space free of judgement and filled with fun. As Karla notes, “We move, we love, we laugh - most of all we live. One of our students might have said it best – “SYNC installed a special force field around it that blocks ego at the door.”

sync bicycle.jpg

SYNCStudio is one of those places you feel so happy to have found, as if let in on a still largely undiscovered secret.

--Erin Ward

SYNCStudio is currently running a special for 2014, a 30 classes in 30 days challenge. Visit their website or stop by to learn the rules, how to register, and the perks of partaking in the challenge.

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