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Considering A Post-Holiday Cleanse?

Which One Is Right For You?

As the season of over-indulgence kicks into high gear,solid routines of wholesome living often get sabotaged by decadent diet choices that cause bloating, imbalances and just feeling out of sorts.

To combat post holiday digestive stress,a clease makes perfect sense. The problem is there are tons of them out there some great and some terrible, even dangerous. How do you make a good choice?

YogaCity NYC’s Elysha Lenkin sought out three different and highly respected detox programs to help determine which may be right for you. She spoke with Arul Goldman founder and director of SanaVita Holistic Center for Cleansing and Gabriel Hoffman, the Center’s Pharmacy director about their new 28 day program. Joe Cross, of Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead about his Juice Reboot. And Scott Gerson, M.D., Ph.D (Ay), Medical Director, at Ayurveda.MD about the Ayurvedic detoxification known as Panchakarma.

Elysha Lenkin: What makes up your cleanse?

SanaVita: Our 28 day clinically nutritional cleanse consists of a detox protein shake, a super strength probiotic and liver caps. The goal is to comfortably detoxify the liver, reduce inflammation and rebuild the digestive system. In addition to the shakes, you eat a modified elimination diet. People don't realize you can eat and detoxify at the same time, and that's ultimately the healthiest way to do it -- it’s what will stick for the long term.

Joe Cross: During a Reboot, you’ll commit to consuming only fruit and vegetable juices for a period of time to ultimately help you break a cycle of an unhealthy lifestyle and enhance the quality of your diet. You’ll have warm lemon water in the morning, about 4 – 5 juices throughout the day, a coconut water, and lots of water. Juices that are only vegetables might be a little too strong for a juicing novice, so any juices that are loaded with greens but also have an apple or a pear with lemon are great choices. Juices with carrots and oranges also seem to be a favorite because they are sweet and appealing to the eye! Just make sure throughout your Reboot you are following the Reboot Golden Rule which is: consume 80% veggies and 20% fruit.

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead.jpg

Scott Gerson: One of the important features of Panchakarma is that it is individualized. Everybody must first have an initial evaluation to decide exactly which herbs, oils and procedures to use. The Panchakarma therapies are therapeutic vomiting to expel excessive accumulation of toxins from the stomach and the respiratory system. Laxative therapy to purify the liver, the gall bladder and the small intestine. Herbal enemas to purify and nourish the large intestines and the rectum, and the administration of medicated oils and powders through the nose to cleanse and strengthen the sinuses, draw toxins from the neck and also from the cranial region. We basically use all the different orifices of the body, and we up regulate their natural eliminative functions. Panchakarma clients also eat simple easily digested food 2 or 3 times daily.

EL: What kinds of activities will support your cleanse?

SV: The bottom line is the more you sweat, the more you're going to eliminate toxins. Personally, what I love about this cleanse is I don’t have to slow down. I can still be a full time single mom, run a 7 day a week business, go to yoga, spin and dance, and socialize. Whatever is your typical, you can keep doing. Here at SanaVita we provide cleansing services – colon hydrotherapy, lymphatic drainage therapy, ionic footbaths, biofeedback and Reikki to help support the detox. And for those 28 days, our cleansing clients can receive any of those services for a 27% discount.

JC: Moving your body with light activities can be beneficial during a 3 Day Reboot but you have to listen to your body. Yoga is an excellent choice during a Reboot. I reckon it’s one of the best workouts to do when you are Rebooting because it helps you relax but also moves your body to assist the elimination of toxins.

SG: The three most important activities which are emphasized in all the ancient text without exception when one is undergoing Panchakarma is 1. Rest, 2. Rest 3. Rest. You also want to indulge in fairly light exercises, and stay hydrated. Panchakarma retreats are designed to make all these activities extremely convenient to follow.

EL: What kinds of results have you seen?

SV: Energy levels rise pretty quickly. Cravings subside. And weight loss. When you’re on a program with consistent protein for 28 days, the weight loss you'll experience is a result of healthier metabolism and blood sugar balance. If you commit to the 28 days, you can transform your health.

JC: When you consume only juice, your system is flooded with an abundance of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that help your body stay strong and vibrant. A 3-Day Reboot can be a gateway to change your eating habits and lifestyle for good. Many people share that they lose weight, their mind is clearer, they feel more energized and their skin is brighter.

SG: The result is a release of emotional negativity as well as the physical toxins. Once these old patterns begin to release, space opens up for the seeding and growth of fresh new energies and perceptions. As a result Panchakarma can profoundly and positively effect one’s physical, psychological and spiritual growth.

EL: How can the benefits from the cleanse be sustained once it’s over?

SV: Since 28 days is long enough to change a habit, you’re actually building a post-cleansing lifestyle while cleansing. After eliminating certain things from your diet you may decide you don’t want them once the cleanse is over. You can also replace the detox shake with a protein shake and take a daily probiotic.

JC: By continuing to consume juices on a regular basis, you’ll help to sustain the amazing benefits. You’ll notice that your body will start to crave them so you won’t want to give them up. When you reintroduce food back into your body, do it slowly. Stick to only fruits and veggies the first few days and then gradually start to add in more whole foods like nuts, beans, and seeds, and eventually add in the foods your body enjoys eating. You’ll notice you may not want to eat the burger and fries and if you do you’ll feel like rubbish.

SG: There are activities that are done for the month following Panchakarma which are very important called Pashakarma. It’s actually very simple. Correct diet. Correct exercise regimen. Correct sleep. Correct behavior. In general correct living is what Ayurveda prescribes for sustaining the benefits from Panchakarma. EL: How can we get started on your program?

SV: On Jan 1st we will begin our group detoxs with the moons. For the launch on 1/1/14 – we’re offering one complimentary colonic or biofeedback session. For more information: click here.

JC: My new book, The Reboot with Joe Juice Diet, will soon be available for purchase. It’s filled with tons of information around juicing, Reboot plans with detailed shopping lists, my favorite recipes, and everything to help you feel and look amazing.

SG: The traditional way to do Panchakarma is for people to come to a facility and stay there. My next Panchakarma retreats will be February 6—9, 2014 and Mar 20 -23, 2014. I also see people on an outpatient basis. For more information, click here.

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