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Three Is The Most Stable Structure

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Third Root Community Health Center was the organization that broke boundaries with Queer & Trans Yoga and Yoga for Abundant Bodies. Things have changed significantly at this unusual organization. The Flatbush facility now offers more health treatments such as herbal education, acupuncture, and yoga nidra as well as yoga. In addition to formalizing their hours and putting together an administrative staff, Third Root also has an illuminated sign (so you can find it) and a computerized booking system so they can keep track of things.

As one of seven collective members of Third Root, Emily J. Kramer, yoga teacher and former amateur boxer, doesn’t have a boss. Instead, she and colleagues have invested in the success of Third Root, a worker-owned cooperative with a horizontal leadership structure. Kramer, 32, spoke with YogaCity’s Ann Votaw about accessible healthcare, which is so incredibly necessary when we are all floundering, and how it works with the absence of a CEO.