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Meet The Teach: Raghunath Cappo

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Lower East Side Bhakti Goes Green

When you see Raghunath Cappo in class or on the street, at first his aesthetic may remind you of a punk rock musician, and you wouldn't be totally off track. Back in the day, he performed with two popular punk bands, Youth of Today and Shelter, and was one of the founders of Revelation Records. Yet even back then, he was a seeker and yogi weaving spiritual messages into his music.

These days, you can find him spreading his own brand of yoga magic in studios across in NYC, practicing Bhakti, and leading his hardcore flight school classes focusing on arm balances and inversions. While they are challenging, they are also designed to put his students focus back on the spirituality of yoga, which isn't surprising since he spent years as a monk in India; although these days he is married and the father of four. YogaCity NYC's Dar Dowling recently sat down with Raghunath to get a deeper insight into this dynamic teacher to find out more about what he was all about.