How And Why To Make A DVD

Talking Shop With J. Brown

J. Brown, the founder and director of Abhyasa Yoga Center in Williamsburg just completed his first DVD. YogaCity NYC's Christie Roe wondered why the serious non-rock star, who teaches a deeply breath centered therapeutic form of yoga, was venturing into this high tech world, what it was like, and what was the point? Brown was characteristically honest and straight-forward about the hows, whys and surprises he encountered on his venture.

Christie Roe: When did the concept start rolling?

J Brown: Originally, we just wanted it as a practice tool for students I work with, including the producer himself, Josh Sitron. But as soon as we got into the process it became clear that it could also be a way for people who have never met me to learn the sort of practice we do.

But also, I have to admit that I have been been putting out my strong views on yoga via the yoga blogosphere for some years, now and I feel like its time for me to put my money where my mouth is.

There’s a chord out there, people want whole and sustainable. Gentle is the new advanced. It’s the idea that you don’t have to struggle, strain, or kill yourself to progress, that in fact you get way more when you don’t.

The video is an exciting way for what we’re doing here in our local sphere to potentially go out to other people who don’t have access to it. And they’re forms that pretty much anyone can benefit from.

CR: What was the most difficult part?

JB: The most difficult part was reconciling an idealized vision I had of myself and my practice with the actuality of what it is. When I watch the video, I see so much of what is going on with me as a person in my life. The footage we used was sort of an accident and I wasn't practicing with the camera in mind at all. You can read the post for the whole story on my blog.