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The Thread Through Jeweler Jennifer Stock's Work

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Designs That Work "Off The Mat."

A few years ago, designer Jennifer Stock setting up her jewelry table for a trunk show at Jivamukti. She was laying out malas, long strands of beads with Ganeshas and Buddhas, gorgeous chunky stone bracelets and big round “Om” rings. I fell in love with a mala inspired piece – 108 beads adorned with stones and gems. I have been following her around yoga studios ever since stocking up, no pun intended, on my own collection.

Jennifer’s “Om” ring is so unique and recognizable that recently a conversation between two yogis who didn’t know each other figured out that they both knew me. This jewelry is like that, it is imbued with Jennifer’s energy and the fruits of a 25-year yoga practice. Russell Simmons never leaves home without his God-dess necklace and even collaborated with Jennifer on his own line.

Set up on yoga mats in her basement, Jennifer makes each piece by hand, utilizing the natural light that streams though the windows as well as the hard floor for hand stamping her name on her designs. I had a conversation with Jennifer as she set up for a trunk show at Pure Yoga East.

Lisa Dawn Angerame: How did you start designing yoga inspired jewelry?

Jennifer Stock: My jewelry has always been influenced by my interest in different cultures and bringing them all together in my pieces. I was a jewelry designer for many years as well as a practicing yogi, but only 8 years ago they naturally merged when I made my first piece with an Om. I then created ©The God-dess Collection, then © My Mala and it has evolved from there. I consider myself a jewelry designer, not just a yoga-themed jewelry designer. Luckily that thread seems to keep flowing through my creations.

LDA: What inspires you?

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JS: I am always re-creating clothes in the store in my head or asking if they have something in a different color, fabric etc. I am a natural designer, always creating what I want.

As a little girl I could often be found beading on my loom. Jewelry has always been a thread in my family. My great grandfather was Baden & Foss Jewelers. My Aunt Linda sold American Indian Jewelry in the 70’s. My paternal grandfather always honored occasions with specially engraved pieces for my grandmother and mother.

LDA: What materials do you use?

JS: My necklace designs are concentrated on the use of boxwood from Brazil and semi precious and precious stones. My favorites are amethyst sage, turquoise, Mexican fire opals and raw rubies.

LDA: Is making jewelry a deeper way to get into your practice?

JS: When I am adorned with my designs, I am reminded about the “off the mat” practice of yoga. Wearing malas on my wrist, the vibrations of stones on my neck and seeing my © Om on my finger, helps me continue in the direction of who I want to be. This is the energy that I infuse into my pieces.

LDA: Who is wearing your pieces (besides me?)

JS: All my friends as well as lots of yoga teachers and students all over the United States. Celebrities include Russell Simmons (with whom I have collaborated), Nelly Furtado, Heidi Klum, Wendy Murdoch, Beth Ostrosky, Cora Wen, Paula Patton, Meredith Vieira, Elaine Irwin, Charlotte Ronson, Samantha Ronson, The Black Crowes, KD Lang, Edward Norton, Akon, Swizz Beatz and LL Cool J.

LDA: They are all feeling the yoga love! How did you get into business with Russell Simmons?

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JS: Russell came up to me at a jewelry trunk show at Jivamukti over three years ago. He said, “Wow, you make cool stuff!” I thought, if his picture was next to the word cool in the dictionary it would be self-explanatory, I was so flattered! He then bought the first of his ©God-dess Necklaces and has bought many for friends and business associates. We have also collaborated on a piece for his jewelry line. We have been business partners since then.

LDA: Do you have a philosophy that cuts across yoga, business, and life?

JS: Be mindful.

--Jennifer Stock's jewelry can be found by clicking here.

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