Sadhaka: The Yoga of BKS Iyengar

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“Asana is firmness of body, steadiness of mind and benevolence of spirit” says Lindsey Clennell. This long-time Iyengar teacher uses BKS Iyengar’s quote to illustrate what his son Jake’s new documentary Sadhaka: The Yoga of BKS Iyengar is about.

Dad, who first met Iyengar 45 years ago, serves as Executive Producer which means he’s the one raising the money. He’s doing so via Indiegogo…the first time this veteran filmmaker has used crowdsourcing as a funding option.

"BKS Iyengar is the inspiration. To enjoy and benefit from his teaching directly is an extraordinary experience. Having received months of intensive teaching from him with groups attending the Pune Iyengar Institute (RIMYI) over the years since 1975, I have had a chance to evaluate the long term effects of his approach to yoga practice on myself and others.


My wife, Bobby Clennell, is also a teacher and we have both observed the way yoga has become popular from when we first started in 1969. Many teachers have done good work, but every generation someone comes along who has enormous influence. BKS Iyengar, through his direct teaching, through his teachers, through his books and through his example of focused devotion to yoga practice, has had an enormous influence on the subject. In years to come people will want to know what this man was like. In one way, it's a film for them."

In the 22 minute trailer, available on Indigogo, a sculptor creates a figure of Hanuman. “Hanuman is a metaphor” suggests Clennell. “He represents devotional love.” The movie is about “how you to get to what Hanuman represents.”

Jake Clennell, who first