Independent Contractor Audits Resume!

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YFNY Meeting On June 24th Learn What This Means For You

Yoga for NY, will be holding its last meeting for the summer on Monday, June 24th at 12:30pm at Yoga Union. At the top of the agenda will be updating the community on the status of independent contractor audits, which unfortunately are starting up again.

What could this mean for you?

Since last December, the Department of Labor placed a moratorium on audits for yoga studios concerning the employement status of their teachers. (An audit could, and sometimes did, mean that a studio was closed until it paid back fines and came into compliance with vague New York State rules.)

A moratorium on these audits, negotiated by Yoga for NY with help from Senator Bill Perkins and Assembly Member Linda Rosenthal, came about as a result of concerns over consistency, fairness and transparency in the process.

Also at question in discussions with the Department of Labor were the ways that the law - written for other types of small businesses - was being applied to yoga studios. At stake is the ability for small and medium-sized studios to stay fiscally solvent, because back-dated workman's comp insurance, payroll taxes and other audit-generated costs related to employing yoga teachers as employees could potentially bankrupt many studios around the city.

The six-month moratorium was an opportunity to clarify the legal distinctions between yoga teachers as employees and independent contractors; and for studios to get their paperwork, documentation and practices in line with the law.

Next week's meeting will bring studio owners and teachers up to speed on the results of discussions with the Department of Labor.