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Midtown Quickies

Don’t have a lot of time to sneak away from your cube? We’ve rounded up all the hour-long yoga classes that are available from 59th St down to 23rd St and from the Hudson to the East River, so no matter where in Midtown you find yourself, you’ll never be lost on where to get your lunchtime yoga fix.

Exhale - Monday Music Yoga Flow at 12:15, Tuesday Vinyasa Flow at 12:15, Wednesday Yin at 11am, Thursday Music Yoga Flow at 12:15 and Friday Vinyasa Flow at 12:15. Central Park South between 6th and 7th Aves. $26 drop in.

Yo Yoga - Monday, Wednesday and Friday Open Level at 12:15. 59th St between 1st and 2nd Aves. $16 drop in.

Sonic Yoga – Monday and Wednesday Flow Fundamentals at 1pm, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday flow at 12:30pm. 9th Ave and 51st St. $19 drop in.

Reflections Yoga - Monday thru Friday Quick Fix at 12:30. 49th St between Broadway and 8th. $15 drop in.

Mang' Oh Yoga – Level 2 Lunchbox yoga Monday thru Friday at 12pm. 39th St between 1st and 2nd Aves. $20 drop in.

Om Factory - Monday Ariel Vinyasa at 12, Vinyasa at 12:30 and Led Ashtanga: Half Primary Series at 1, Tuesday Vinyasa by donation at 12 and Vinyasa starting at both 12:30 at 1, Wednesday Vinyasa by donation at 12, Led Ashtanga Half Primary Series at 12:30 and Vinyasa at 1, Thursday Vinyasa by donation at 12 and Vinyasa at 12:30 followed by Alignment Flow at 1 and Friday Ariel Vinyasa at 12 and Vinyasa at both 12:30 and 1. 37th St and 8th Ave. $16 drop in.

Swanand Yoga – Monday and Friday Hatha at 12pm and Tuesday is Meditative flow at 12pm. 29th St near 7th Ave. $18 drop in.

Yoga Union Center for Backcare – Tuesday and Thursday at 12:45 is Lunchtime backcare basics while Wednesday at 12:30 is a class focused on herniation and backcare. 28th St between 6th and Broadway. Lunchtime basics are $17, while all other classes are $23 for drop in.

Yoga Union – Monday and Wednesday at 12:15pm is Liquid Steel, Monday and Thursday at 12:30 is Structural 1, Tuesday and Friday at 12:30 is Flow with Ropes. 28th St between 6th and Broadway. $16 drop in.

Yoga to the People - Monday thru Friday, Traditional Hot Yoga at 12pm at the 27th St location (between 6th and 7th Aves). $8 drop in. Both Hot Vinyasa and Traditional Hot Yoga classes offered Monday thru Friday at 12pm at their 38th St and 6th Ave location. $7 drop in.

Yoganesh – Monday thru Friday at 12:15 are 45-minute lunchtime express classes for those really in a time crunch. 7th Ave between 23rd and 24th. $18 drop in.

Joschi Yoga School ( – Vinyasa flow yoga, Monday thru Friday at 12pm starting the week of January 7th. 23rd St near 7th Ave. $19 drop in, cash only.

-- Allison Richard

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