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Do This Now: Let Trump Know You Care, You Are Watching.

“Why should we be deported? This is very, very hard for a family," wrote Friedrich Trump in 1905.

Did you know that Trump's family, then known as the Drumpf family, was thrown out of Germany because his grandfather, Friedrich, snuck out of performing his military service? Friedrich then wrote a letter begging the German authorities to let him stay, according to Harper's magazine. When that plea failed, the family illegally immigrated to America.

We are all immigrants—but Trump has apparently forgotten his own beginnings—not to mention wife Melania's. She's been a citizen for just nine years. Let him know that we care about the 11 million members of our society that he wants to deport regardless of their contributions to our culture, their families, or their reasons for leaving their home countries. We know our history and believe in our Constitution.

Join others at the May Day Rally to protest Trump's policies on labor and immigration. The main event begins at 5pm on Foley Square but there are actions all day long.

--the editors

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