The Second Time Around...

Abundant joy, post baby blues, gestational diabetes, moments of pure magic...Welcome to my story of Motherhood 2.0!! As my baby girl Divya turns eight months old next week, I think I am now in a better state of mind to write about my experience of being a mom, and learning about unconditional love, once again! I will not bore you with the obvious stuff, but I wanted to share with you some of the most important observations I noticed as a parent the second time around.


You may have heard that the birth of a child brings the parents closer together, but that wasn't exactly the case when our son, Arjun was born seven years ago. Not that Abhay, my husband, and I would fight a lot, but I remember us being very annoyed and cranky most of the time. We were very short with each other back then, and most of it stemmed from the fact that as first-time parents we were putting too much pressure on ourselves, and each other. This time around, I didn't monitor Abhay about how he is holding Divya, or dealing with her fussiness.... he is much more patient with her and is doing a fabulous job, I must say! He is also more patient with me about my mood swings and outbursts (more on that below). He has never been one to use Hallmark worthy phrases, but when I am down, he steps in with chores, lets me take a nap, and most importantly, knows when to ignore me till I come around. And that means a whole lot more to me than sweet nothings.


With both my kids, I gained more than 50 lbs during the pregnancy. No matter how much I watched what I ate, or exercised on a regular basis, I just piled on the pounds. That is when I realized how much our body shape and weight is controlled by hormones! Both times, I tested positive for gestational diabetes. With my son, my sugar levels were a lot higher and they had to put me on insulin. I remember being very shocked, because I was a typical yoga-loving, salad-eating California gal at the time, so how could I have sugar issues! With Divya, I was more careful and my levels weren't as bad. But the thing is even though gestational diabetes disappears after childbirth, losing that extra weight is a giant pain in the a**! It took me 18 months to lose the baby weight with Arjun, and it hurt my self esteem and confidence.

Right now, I am still wearing my maternity clothes, and hate dressing up for an evening out. But then some days these horrible clouds of self doubt will disappear; when I remind myself that I did it once, and I