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A Dial a Day

You’ve got your daily horoscope email, your daily Instagram feed, your daily headlines from your daily digital newspaper subscription. How about a daily text that advances civilization as we’d like to know it?

Easy as pie: just text DAILY to 228466 (the numeric version of “Action” in case you forget), and you’ll get a prompt asking for your zipcode.

Each workday (love the reasonable restraint—weekends off!) you’ll get a single text and short recording pertaining to an issue relevant to your neighborhood, and a direct dial to a public official with whom you can register support or objection. 90 seconds and you've been done your civic duty.

This insta-activism is the brainchild of Daily Action, a group that believes that “the majority of our country believes in decency, in moderation, in sanity.” Let’s prove they’re right. (They’ve got a nice app, too, Alder Social Daily Action.)

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