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Do This Now: Step Up for Mother Nature

Whatever your stance on the Dakota Pipeline, we’re betting that most of you yogis and yoginis have a soft spot for the environment. If you want to continue enjoying fresh air and water without reliance on gas masks or basement laboratories purifying the stuff running from your kitchen tap, make your voice heard. On Tuesday, Feb. 28, Food & Water Watch will gather signatures to petition Senator Chuck Schumer,, New York’s own, to #StandStrong against Trump’s fracking and overall Mother Nature-confronting agenda.

As we write this, it’s 70 degrees in February and we have a Tweeter-in Chief who refutes the concept of global warming….This isn’t a time to take anything for granted.

Food & Water Watch will be working from 4:00pm - 6:00pm on Tuesday in two spots: Atlantic Avenue. & Court St. in Brooklyn and 6th Ave. & 42nd St. in Manhattan.

RSVP to Greta Zarro, or 347-774-4597. Join the party.

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