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Do This Now: Go Indivisible

Well, the melee continues down there in Crazy Town. Bellicose decrees are being signed as quickly as their alternate facts can be assembled, anointed members of the billionaire boys and girls club are taking their seats in the Cabinet, copious amounts of gum are being chewed and swallowed, and our man in the egg-shaped office is still finding time to comb over his Propecia-generated pouf, with that lacquered lock above the left ear placed just so.

What to do? #StandIndivisible, friends.

The smart and politically astute folks (a group of former congressional staffers) behind the Indivisible Guide make it easy for everyone to find local groups focused on confronting Congress and ending the madness. Join this “vibrant community of angelic troublemakers.” (Now that’s a t-shirt we’d proudly wear.)

For starters, you can download “A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump” from the Indivisible site, follow @IndivisibleTeam on Twitter, and use #StandIndivisible wherever your social media travels take you.

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