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Do This Now: Pick up Your Pen

The first 100 Days are looking even scarier than we imagined: the border wall and the taxes we’ll pay to finance it, journalists arrested for “felony rioting” because they were reporting on the Women’s March, the Kafka-esque doubling down on “alternative facts,” threats to chop off federal funding for NY.

The upside is that we’ve shown our strength and our numbers—millions marched on January 21, and we’re not done yet. The Women’s March site is outlining concrete next steps we can take with its 10 Actions for 100 Days campaign. The first order of business is writing—on paper—to your senator (find yours here) about the issue/s you feel strongly about.

The Women’s March site has print-at-home postcards for downloading, or you can make your own. Keep the voice of reason loud and strong. It's up to us.

--the editors

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