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The Coming Revolution

Sitting on a wooden bench with a group of neighbors, I had no idea how close the muskets were. We had gathered in a barn to discuss tactics post-Trump, like many around the country, I am sure.

After friendly greetings, a serious-looking woman stood up and said that the Republicans had bulldozed right through both administrations. They had ruled by lying through the Bush years and stone-walling through the Obama years. They had even stolen our right to choose a new Supreme Court justice. So, were we ready to do that to them?

A woman with the kind of sweet face you see in a Botticelli painting, twisted her hands, and asked if they’d meant that, as a group, we should tell our Democratic politicians to stone-wall everything the Republicans proposed? What about bills that helped all the people? We were going to advocate that they block those as well?

The room cleaved fast. On one side were those who wanted to block this kleptocracy in any way possible - and those on the other side who wanted to stand up against any bad bills, but not useful ones – changes in the government that would help “the people, especially the poor.”

Had the kinder, gentler approach ever worked for the Democrats before, I thought to myself. My friend looked at me and said, “Ok, during the American Revolution they were willing to give up everything – even their lives – are you willing to do that?”

I’m going to Washington on January 21st, wearing my pink hat, but know that trying to stem the tide these next four years is going to take a lot more than marching – figuring that out is the hard work to come.

--Cynthia Kling

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