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Vedic Astrologer: New Moon Troubled Unity

Connect in and reach out. The new moon of November 29, 2016 (4:18 AM PT) has the power to revive hearts and reawaken hope. Remove the heavy veils of division and isolation and allow yourself to feel the web of unity that supports you. You are not alone in your troubles and concerns. The new moon will be in a section of the sky known as Anuradha nakshatra. Marked by three stars in the constellation of Scorpio’s claws, Anuradha is symbolized by a weapon or a staff, but also as a lotus flower. The beautiful lotus flower of Anuradha grows from the murky depths of fear and uncertainty, but once it blooms, it offers the sweetness of friendship and devotion. Since ancient times it has been understood that through division we are weakened and conquered by this world, but through friendship and unity comes true success. This new moon cycle will break open the walls that separate us from one another, allowing for the light of understanding and empathy to flood in. Anuradha is called the “star of success” because it is ruled by the empathetic god of friendship, Mitra. This Vedic aditya rallies its allies together, and even befriends its enemies to unify and create tremendous power. Take heed however, because the sobering weight of stern Saturn will press heavily upon this new moon. Sadness and doubt may increase in intensity, however the hopeful encouragement of Jupiter’s graceful aspect on exalted Mars can energize us to bravely take responsibility for our troubles. This is an opportunity to work through inhibitions and step into empowering new territory.

Since September the influence of Kala Sarpa Yoga - the Serpent of Time - has been unhinging concepts of normalcy and challenging global constructs of reality. All visible planets are sandwiched between the two eclipse demons Rahu and Ketu until December 6, and then again between December 19 and 26. Expect more edgy and uncomfortable disturbances as the shadow trickster, Rahu, persists in his amplified intensity. This atmosphere is ripe for creating new alliances and shifting our perception of how we relate to our community and to the world at large. In this lunar cycle reach out to old friends and make new contacts. Try to break free of inhibitions and speak your true feelings with others. This new moon offers a fertile seed of friendship and unity that if planted with love, may grow rapidly in the weeks to come. The shadows of prejudice and hatred often arise with the light of expanding consciousness. Connect into the power of this new moon by challenging the division in your own heart and remembering the common ground that we all share.

-Kari Field

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