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Vedic Astrologer: The Red Star of Rohini

The New Moon of June 4, 2016 (10:59 pm) holds a transformative power that can expand your boundaries and push you into shockingly new emotional territory. New Moons are often turning points, but this one in particular is a critical juncture for those seeking emotional liberation and creative freedom. If you have been feeling numb or constricted by self-judgment or doubt, this is an opportunity to explore the mysterious depths of the soul and dismantle self-sabotaging beliefs that may be holding you back.

This New Moon is in close conjunction to Venus, the planet of romantic love, desire, beauty and art. Although currently invisible (hidden in the glare of the sun) she has been steadily picking up speed, and increasing her influence on our lives. Venus is now pushing us to improve our relationship skills, and clarify our artistic and creative goals. This may feel a little uncomfortable, like an unsettled edginess in relationships or uncertainty in self-expression. The 584 day synodic cycle of Venus will culminate shortly after the New Moon, when Venus overtakes the sun and crosses the depths of the underworld. At this moment, Venus, the goddess of the eastern Morning Star will transform into the auspicious Evening Star of the west who will be seen rising later in July. This transformational rite of passage offers up an important opportunity to expand and open the heart into new dimensions of love. If you have been entangled in toxic relationship, or dealing with any sort of addiction, this is a point of power that could set you free from confusion and allow you to choose a new path.

Rohini is the star Aldebaran - The red eye of Taurus the Bull.

The New Moon-Venus conjunction will occur in the area of the sky known in Vedic Astrology as Rohini Nakshatra. This is the red star (Aldebaran) in the constellation of Taurus, which symbolizes the red eye of the bull. Rohini literally means “red girl,” and is connected to fertility, creativity, material abundance and erotic energy. Rohini is the favorite nakshatra of the moon because of her extraordinary beauty, charm and allure, which makes the moon reluctant to leave her. Here the moon is exalted with Rohana Shakti – the power to make things grow – for there is nothing the moon loves more than to nourish, grow, and create beauty. On this New Moon, the exalted power of Rohini turns its nourishing flame within, creating an excellent atmosphere for healing and self-care. This is a New Moon that carries great emotional wisdom and maturity and is ready to see beyond society’s myths of romanticism and love. At this time, take stock of the unrealistic expectations that you may be holding for yourself or others. This New Moon is an opportunity to step into heightened relationship consciousness on all levels. However, take heed, an intense aspect from stern Saturn reinforces the potency of this New Moon with a serious undertone. In addition, the New Moon falls on a Saturday (the day of Saturn) and in India will be honored as Shani Jayanti, the birthday of Lord Saturn. Those in Saturn dasha cycles or Sade Sati may feel this New Moon with a particular heaviness in their hearts because it affects close relatives. Love is not always sweet, and the “tough love” of Saturn vibrates in a very slow and harsh frequency. However, Saturn is by far the most powerful driving force of spiritual evolution, giving unsurpassed depth and wisdom. With Saturn, the deeper our potential to grow the more resistance we feel. Saturn opens the dark and dead spaces, ultimately creating new depth in which our hearts can expand. On this New Moon you can remedy saturnine despair and doubt by wearing the color dark blue, fasting and doing charitable acts of kindness. For all lovers, artists, wishers and seekers this New Moon holds the precious alchemical treasure of gold, distilled from the ingredient of tears and uncertainty of the past. This lunar cycle offers profound shifts of consciousness and can expand us into new paradigms of creativity and love.

--Kari Field

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