New Studio Opening: Modo Williamsburg

First opening their doors early this year, Modo Yoga NYC - Williamsburg has quickly become a destination studio as they have done everything to be a calm, serene, and mindful yoga den amidst this hectic cityscape.

Teaming up with green architecture firm DXA studio, the 5,000-square-foot space was transformed into a cozy lodge that makes for an inviting hangout spot during the cold months, which won’t seem to stop. From the interior constructed out of reclaimed wood from a mushroom farm upstate to a water-filling station that shows how many bottles were saved, sustainability is an essential and integral part of the Modo philosophy.

The hot yoga studio has two practice rooms labeled “B” and “W” (for Wythe and Berry, the cross streets) and a sign saying “Silence is Golden” as there is no talking allowed either before or after class to keep the peace and outside noise to a minimum. Walking in to take the traditional Modo class (which has more diversity in the series then a Bikram class), it became obvious in the busy 4pm class that people are here for the yoga, the actual asana practice, as opposed to the social scene that overwhelms many studios when class is over.

“Hello I’m Sarah Neufeld and I will be your guide,” said the musician for Arcade Fire/yoga

instructor to a group of about 40 of us waiting to start class. Clear, concise, and grounding, Neufeld led the class through a standing pranayama telling us to make our breath more audible on the exhale as we all stared into the mirrors, not as individuals, but a constellation of yogis in the heat of it.

“I love the consistency and peace that a Modo class has even if you are a hand-standing, advanced yogi as it’s therapeutic and grounding as it’s about the class and students,” Neufeld said. “This series is restorative and focuses on elongating the spine and healing.”