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For a moment imagine yourself on a first date. You both meet at the restaurant, they’re just as attractive and clever as promised and the two of you sit down to a delightful meal seasoned with engaging conversation and steady eye contact. About halfway through your entrees they pause and ask, “When shall we plan the wedding? May? June? I was thinking about living close to my parents because they could watch the kids, and while I hope you are close with your parents it would just be easier for my mom. Also, do you speak French? because I have family in Nice and we should visit at least once a year”.

If you made it to the end of that last sentence before asking for the check, you had too much to drink.

Intimacy takes time. Falling in love takes time, it is time that allows us to get to know something. Even if we feel there was love at first site, it’s still an intuition rather than an intimacy. Our ego thinks we can know something completely, but we can’t. Truth is not limited to our point of view; personal, communal, nor global. Intimacy has no edges and no destination, just a widening of our hearts knowing. When we afford ourselves these moments of intimacy, anywhere in our lives, we become filled with an aliveness and an acceptance which gives us the strength to fall deeper in love, unconditionally with ourselves.

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