Commit To A Meditation Practice!

I have been exploring meditation in studios, and, less consistently, on my own for years. I decided to try it at home, with a guide, hoping to finally set-up a regular practice for myself.

The first sessions I listened were done by a team I like to call “Opak.” Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra offer free 21-day meditations, 20 minutes each. Format: Winfrey gives inspiration on the idea, such as “Become What You Believe,” then Chopra takes it further, into more specifics, shared by a Sanskrit mantra, which is practiced during the meditation, a period of silence. Chopra then comes back to remind us that it’s time to release the mantra.

At first I found it a bit generic, but more recently I experienced their well-structured series in a more heartfelt way. It is probably a great way for beginners to get started. The 21 days and the 20 minutes help you to create that groove in your day for meditation going forward. (21 days is supposed to be the time it takes to create a new habit.)

I was ready to try something else. Enter the "Infinity Call," created by Kelly Morris.

Morris recently launched the ladies-only Infinity Call, accessed through the free Periscope app. The Icall is a livestream audio broadcast—7am every morning, Monday through Friday, for 21 minutes, $25 for the month ($1 a session).

Morris is founder of the Conquering Lion Yoga Teacher Training Program. What I've come to love about her Infinity Call (on time, in real time), besides the confidence in her voice, is her original content, seriously humored and thought-provoking (“it’s a Rorschach test out there”), even as she recreates our relationship to our thoughts: “The more relaxed you are, the more you hear.”

Every morning is different, and a tone is set: “See yourself in the great forest. Right behind you is your tree. Your spine is running the length of the spine of the tree…” I’m there, in the forest, in my body, for an infinite second.