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"Love And Light" New Age Crap

"Love and Light" is a term commonly used by New Agers that is flung around like some kind of coverall, sweeping whatever has come before it in its passive-aggressive fluorescent light.

Open your mouth and allow me to shove my love and light down it, lest you take offense, lest you think I am a bad person, lest you think I am anything but angelic.

But the real aggression is aimed at one's own shadow.

“I am only love and light. All I am is love and light.”

There is nothing that could be farther from the truth and you are completely delusional and disregarding one half of yourself.

Your shadow works its fucking ass off to get your attention so that you may learn something of value.

"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious"—Carl Jung

Your shadow is your biggest teacher and ally and yet you enjoy kicking it in the guts as it lies on the floor with you yelling furiously through tears of desperation: "Love and light! Love and light! Fucking love and light!!” Screaming and scrunching your eyes shut, trying to demolish your demonic self, like it can be destroyed by the sheer willpower of pretending you are a "figure of light."

Determined to only see yourself in the golden hues of the divine, you are sorely missing the point.

You are all the colours and all the shades.

You are made up of the fragile glimmer of life's breath and the ruthlessness of the unstoppable undertaker of death.

You have a side so dark that refuses to be subdued by your stubborn mantras of positivity and one-sided belief in clear quartz and yoga and purity and being “nice."

The depths of your obsidian self can offer you treasures that only the abyss can bear, your fucked upness carries with it the brightest flames of hell that can set you alight in the true blazing glory of your unified, integrated self.

So if I were you, I would ditch the love and light facade, you're not fooling any of us.

We all know your insides are filled with shit and decaying matter and vileness.

We know that because ours are, too.

Spew up your toxic thoughts and vicious ways all over my coffee table and give me something of value to be with.

Give me the grit of what your soul is truly made of, not the flickering ghost of your spirit.

Get real.

Give me your depth.

You are love and light and immeasurable darkness.

Honour your shadow or that wild bitch will fuck you so hard no amount of cold-pressed organic coconut oil will make it better.

She’s on your side and you better be, too. (Instead of floating up in love and light fairyshit land.)


Love and Light and Immeasurable Darkness xx

P.S.: This is no ways means that you need to become attached to your emotions and stories and wallow in them or become an evil tyrant. It simply means becoming a balanced person who exists in reality and is on their way towards truth and consciousness as a wholly integrated individual. Far from a fragmented New age disaster.

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