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New York Yoga

New York Yoga

New York Yoga was founded in 2002 with the goal of making yoga accessible to all. Our York Ave. location was the first yoga studio to come to Manhattan's Upper East Side and New York Yoga Hot is one of the "hottest" in the city. The pair creates the perfect environment whether you are looking to grow your practice or become the next great NYC teacher.

200 Hour Teacher Training

Co-Directors: Agustin McCarthy and April Evans

June 4–September 6, 2017

Select Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday. Times vary.

Full Tuition: $2995

Mark your calendar - Fall dates: September 24–December 20

New York Yoga’s training is focused on a vinyasa (flow) style of practice. In our program, the bulk of classroom time will be spent on techniques of practice, and teaching and adjusting postures and breath. Training will also include intensives on: anatomy, classroom safety, the business of yoga, sequencing, restorative yoga, prenatal yoga, Ayurveda, hot yoga, and much more.

The BEST part about our 200-Hour Teacher Training is that you will actually be teaching at one of our locations after you graduate. We offer community classes all week to give our recent graduates, or "Stars of the Future," the experience of teaching a real class. Not only will it allow you to sequence your own class, pick your music, make hands-on adjustments, and see all types of bodies, but it is amazing to be able to put teaching on your resume right away!

New York Yoga

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