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Aqua Cycle Mantra Flow With Anne Koller

Due to her healing experiences from back and neck pain at a very young age, Anne Koller is passionate about Kundalini yoga and the benefits of water therapy, and seems to have found her bliss teaching an Aqua Cycle Mantra Flow Class at Aqua Studio NY, in Tribeca. The Aqua studio is placed on a swanky street by Billy's Bakery and has an equally luxurious feel that fits in with the neighborhood. A heads up about this studio: most classes are women-only with some reserved for men-only, so be sure to check ahead. If you're new, it's wise to get to the studio 20-30 minutes before class time, as you have to sign new student papers, change, shower—there are showers in the changing room and the pool area—and have the teacher show you how to adjust your bike for comfort. Walking downstairs to the pool and cycle area, I arrived to an atmosphere of bliss. Just walking into the room is instantly relaxing. The pool was dimly lit with electronic candles flickering around the pool. Kundalini yoga music was softly playing in the background. After assisting various newbies with adjusting their bikes, Anne informed us that the mantra of the day was "Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Jio" the mantra of bliss, as in "Wow, the guru or wisdom is here" or "indescribably great is God's infinite wisdom." After teaching the class the pronunciation, Anne instructed us to start pedaling. The music playing throughout class would be variations of t