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The Guest Blog: The Wizard of Oz Guide to Brains, Hearts and Courage

While Dorothy wears the magical slippers, the other Wizard of Oz characters have to rely on brains, hearts, and courage. See what this classic movie can teach you about developing the qualities you need to live a successful, happy, juicytastic life!

Lessons from the Scarecrow on Having Brains

Help others.

When Dorothy asks the Scarecrow why he’s looking for a brain, he answers that he wants to serve others. Contributing to society is an ideal way to use your mental powers.

Solve riddles.

The Scarecrow also says he’s interested in cracking mysteries. When you’re stumped on a problem, analyze the situation to find a new approach.

Keep learning.

If the Scarecrow were around today, he’d probably be volunteering for on-the-job training and signing up for online university courses. Engage in life-long learning to expand your knowledge.

Work smart.

Working smarter instead of harder will help you to accomplish more with greater ease. Scratch low priority tasks off your to-do list. Master the art of delegating. Focus on your strengths and take refreshing breaks regularly.

Lessons from the Tin Man on Having a Heart

Smile and laugh.

The Tin Man thinks he needs a heart in order to smile, but all he requires is a little oil. Loosen up so you can experience more joy and share it with others. SMILE!

Be human.

The Tin Man is correct when he says having a heart makes us human. Animals follow instincts and computers operate according to their programs. As humans, we can choose thoughts and actions that align with our values.

Express compassion.

Caring about others and working to relieve their hardships makes our lives more meaningful. We deepen our friendships and experience more gratification.

Forgive others.

Pardoning others allows us to move on after we think we’ve been slighted. We can wish others well regardless of their actions. Forgiving ourselves also restores our peace of mind.

Give generously.

Sharing our blessings multiplies them. Volunteer in your community and donate time and/or money to charity. Invite an elderly neighbor out for lunch or offer to do something nice for a stranger.

Lessons from the Cowardly Lion on Having Courage

Reassure yourself.

The Lion sounds like a wizard when he realizes that he mostly scares himself. Facing our fears teaches us that we are strong enough to overcome them.

Practice wisdom.

On the other hand, the Lion also points out that running away from danger sometimes makes sense. Our lives are too precious to waste.

Stand up for your values.

Moral courage can be just as impressive as climbing mountains. If you can be true to your convictions, however unpopular they may be at the moment, you’ll lead a more authentic life.

Take risks.

Each day brings us many opportunities to triumph over our doubts. Chat with a stranger on the bus if you want to work on your conversation skills. Register for a cooking class if you’ve been hesitant to invite friends over for dinner.

Accept discomfort.

It’s easy to exaggerate consequences when you feel uncertain about your abilities. Often, the only thing at stake is the possibility of looking a little foolish or stretching beyond your self-imposed limits. The rewards are usually worth it as you discover you’re smarter, kinder, and braver than you thought.

Over to you…

Being well-rounded makes it easier to defeat the Wicked Witch of the West and reach your own personal goals! Build up your heart and mind and tackle each challenge with courage!

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