New Studio Opening

New Love City is opening up as a yoga studio with a Soul Cycle personality—lots of energy, loud music, electric feeling—as well as a co-working office space opening on July 26th, in Greenpoint, at 68 Greenpoint Avenue, 4th floor.

YogaCity NYC‘s Megan Mook sat down with founder Jen Jones to talk about finding dynamic yoga teachers for her new studio, why loud is good, and New Love City’s creative solutions to running a studio that won’t ever turn into the "same old thing."

MM: Let’s start with the yoga side of New Love City. You’ve described it as the "SoulCycle of yoga." Tell us more.

JJ: Honestly, I’ve gone back and forth about the SoulCycle concept of really loud music coupled with energetic, inspired teaching. What I haven’t found in NYC is a yoga studio where all the teachers—without exception—bring a high level of exuberance to their classes. That will be the focus of New Love City. I don’t expect all the teachers to teach to loud music like I do, but music will certainly be an integral part.

MM: Why do you think exuberance is lacking here in New York?

JJ: It has a lot to do with how studios treat their teachers. Teachers are burned out. They’re running around teaching 20+ classes a week just to pay rent. They don’t have time to plan out their classes, so the classes often lack creativity and thought. And because the teachers are teaching so much, their energy is low. It’s not inspiring.

Also, it’s easy to get a yoga teaching certification, and it’s so easy to pick up classes, especially subbing. Consequently, there’s a lot of teachers out there who don’t have “it.” There’s definitely an “it.” Some people are natural teachers, and some people just seem annoyed that you’re there taking class. There will aways be teachers who you connect with, and those that you don’t. The teachers I end up connecting with are teachers who have big personalities. They’re extremely personable.

MM: Tell us more about what’s important to you in the yoga teacher/student relationship, and how that will play out at New Love City.

JJ: As a student, I want to get a feel for the teacher’s personality. Originally, there was a guru who to