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The Guest Blog: Truth

How do you know a truth But that it sings upward from a knowing Nested deep inside your lonely chest? It is Something bounding skyward Rushing towards the light.

Do you Greet it with deep blue vastness? Or with a tight fist wrapped around a space Where some time past Your song was stopped?

You cannot forget to remember This soulsong ascending steeply. It’s liquid and Rhythmic insistence beating at the gate of your throat, thrumming at the doorway… Knocking

You may Do your best to halt it, You who are afraid of your own heights. The one who soars inside you Comes time and again to the cliff’s edge of comfort.

Oh “I know how the caged bird sings”…

Dissolve the barrier brave one Unleash this hidden eloquence! Your breakthrough cry Raises the bar for all beings.

Help us remember with your winged testament the One song we must never forget. The One theme with a thousand variations Born From the cusp of heaven and heart.

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