Meet The Teach: Lisa Bennett Matkin

Lisa Matkin.jpg
With Change Comes Discovery And Rebirth

As a toddler she learned yoga. By her early teens, Lisa Bennet Matkin already had a fast-paced, successful modeling career that ultimately spiraled into self-destruction.

Upon “hitting rock bottom,” at the ripe age of 18, Bennett Matkin re-discovered yoga, which “saved her life.” Practicing and teaching yoga led her to meet her partner in life and business for over 16 years – a relationship that has recently dissolved. Stefani Jackenthal chatted with Lisa to explore her rollercoaster journey and plans for her new life.

Stefani Jackenthal: When did you first practice yoga?

Lisa Bennet Matkin: My mom introduced me to yoga when I was three. She taught me breathing technique. When I was a kid nobody was really doing yoga and I got into gymnastics to be with my friends.

SJ: Prior to teaching yoga, what was your career?

LBM: I modeled intensely for about 10 years for print, TV and fitness. But that put too much focus on my body image, which led to my addiction of drugs and alcohol - and long struggle with anorexia and bulimia. I was a mess and hit rock bottom.

SJ: Was that when you re-discovered yoga?

LBM: Yoga saved my life. When I was about 18, I started to back off modeling – doing it on and off - and got into yoga. It was a place of healing. Yet, years later it was modeling that truly led to my “yoga-rehab.”

SJ: Tell me more!